About us

Incorporated in 1990, initially started as partnership of two very special individuals, advanced to joint stock company in 2010 we are resiliently growing the business ever since.


Shipbuilding, offshore constructions, steel structures, sea engineering, civil engineering – these are the fields we specialize in. We steadily develop and adjust our offer to changing market demands. We are the only shipyard in Europe which has already constructed 3 units for the installation and servicing of sea wind farms.


Taking care of ecology




CRIST has always been active in the field of shipbuilding, steel constructions and ship-repairs. Economic changes and growth of renewable technologies – such as wind and hydroelectric energy – created possibilities of activity on new markets.


For that reason we are presently participating in the implementation of projects of specialized coastal structures, sea transport and units for exploration of marine resources.






Quality and





For many years we have been supporting eco-conscious initiatives what has initiated the execution of demanding and exciting projects: offshore constructions, barges and ships destined for installation of wind turbines


Producing for the offshore business we successfully take advantage of our market niche. The construction of sophisticated units for installation and servicing of sea wind farms ranks us within the group of European leaders in this branch.



CRIST belongs to the group of companies distinguishing themselves through innovativeness, niche products and the organization of the supply chain. The company cooperates with Clients from Poland, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Scotland


Our priority is to secure services and products which not only meet the acceptance but also exceed Clients expectations and demands. In our performance we focus on reliability. We care about the highest quality which is always controlled and certified by international technical organizations and classification societies.



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