Launching P310

February 17 Crist S.A. began testing P310 in dry dock. Hybrid P310 is a passenger and car "double-ended ferry" built for Finnish shipowner - Finferries. Handling the route between Parainen and Nauvo it is designed to transport 90 vehicles and up to 372 people. The ceremony of the ferry is planned for April 2017.

Launching a ship in dry dock, it is one of the last stages of building a ecological unit for Finferries. This is an important moment in the construction of the ferry, which is one of the few in Europe that have a hybrid engine (diesel-electric):

- We are finishing the last months of work on the P310. The unit is planed to be transferred, to the Finnish shipowner in April 2017. With the implementation of projects of this type, Crist shipyard builds its brand on the demanding Finnish market - says Zdzislaw Bahyrycz, Crist SA.

Ferry the size of 96 m long and over 15 meters wide will be operated by only a crew of three. The ship will be equipped with a set of batteries. Charging the batteries will take place each time during loading and unloading, and the time needed to do it is just 7 minutes.
During inclement weather, the unit may be optionally powered by three diesel engines.

Technical data:

Length: 96.35 m
Width: 15.2 m
Height: 5 m
Draught: 3.5 m
Class notation: DNV + 1A1, R3, Car Ferry B, ICE 1B, PET, E0, Battery Power