Signature of the contract with Finferries

Ferry P310 is a modern unit with hybrid propulsion diesel - electric. The ferry will operate the road between Parainen and Nauvo in Finland. A ship is designed for transport 90 cars and 372 passengers. The unit will have a 3 person crew.

P310 has the class notation DNV + 1A1, R3, Car Ferry B, ICE 1B, PET, E0, Battery Power

The main dimensions of the unit:

L - 96,35m

B - 15,20m

H - 5,00m

T - 3,50m

The ship will have a set of batteries with min. 10 years of battery life. Batteries will be loaded automatically during loading and unloading the ferry (about 7 minutes).

The project P310 is the second electric ferry in Europe. In view of increasing amount of traffic of ferries and high importance applied by governments and local councils for the protection of the environment, we expect a growing interest in the construction of similar vessels and subsequent orders for ships of a double - ended ferry.