20.04 2020
The usage of protective masks in CRIST shipyard
Since April 16th (Thursday) until further notice, the government made it mandatory to cover, with the use of parts of garments, respirators or masks, mouth and nose while being outside of the place of residence address or the permanent residence addr
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18.03 2020
CRIST - information on COVID -19
First of all we would like to thank all our Employees/Co-workers/Partners for understanding the current difficult situation in connection with the spread of coronavirus throughout the world
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13.03 2020
14 golden rules of the CRIST Group
See 14 Golden Rules of the Crist Group
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06.03 2020
Coronavirus - prevention
Informations on how to deal with Coronavirus threat
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04.02 2020
Women bet on CRIST
Women are an increasingly stronger representation in many manufacturing industries, even in those that have so far been associated with male domination. Eurostat data shows that every second employee in the IT industry is a woman. In automotive and c
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22.01 2020
Training for hull and pipeline assemblers
CRIST offers paid training for hull & pipeline assemblers
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02.12 2019
CRIST with the award for the best Polish exporter to France in 2018
The CRIST shipyard was awarded the prize for the best Polish exporter to France in 2018
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18.11 2019
CRIST will build another hybrid for Finferries
Over 100 meters long, 17 wide with the capacity to transport 90 cars - these are the parameters of the new hybrid ferry that CRIST will build for the Finnish ferry operator Finferries
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17.10 2019
Grand block ceremony for NB 314 Nexans Aurora
A Grand block ceremony for the construction of a partly equipped cable laying vessel for the Norwegian shipowner (Nexans Subsea Operations AS) took place on Tuesday in CRIST shipyard.
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09.10 2019
Keel laying NB 316 National Geographic Resolution
Keel laying for NB 316 National Geographic Resolution, took place on 18 September at CRIST shipyard.
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13.09 2019
NB 315 has left CRIST
CRIST has finished a partially equipped ship for offshore wind energy.
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26.08 2019
CRIST at the Baltexpo 2019
CRIST S.A. invites everyone to its stand during the Baltexpo International Maritime Fair 2019
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15.07 2019
NB 75/2 has left CRIST
Transport of fish and seafood from marine farms straight to the processing plant - this is the job of a new life fish carrier manufactured in CRIST shipyard
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25.06 2019
CRIST with the CEMT 2018 prize for the ELEKTRA hybrid ferry
CRIST shipyard won the CEMT 2018 prize for outstanding contribution to the success of European maritime industries
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14.06 2019
CRIST has signed an agreement with CKZiU No. 1 in Gdynia
CRIST shipyard and the CKZiU No. 1 in Gdynia has signed a cooperation agreement
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31.05 2019
Hybrid from CRIST on the way to Iceland
On June 4, Crist S.A. will deliver a fully equipped, hybrid passenger-car ferry to the Icelandic shipowner Vegagerðin
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28.05 2019
Steel cutting NB 316
CRIST shipyard has begun steel cutting for the NB 316, a multifunctional passenger ship with an X-BOW hull.
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02.05 2019
Cruise liner blocks have left CRIST
Another successful project of the CRIST shipyard. On Tuesday, a fully equipped part of a cruise ship set off for France.
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25.04 2019
Keel laying for NB 314 Nexans Aurora
A keel laying ceremony for the construction of a partly equipped cable laying vessel for Nexans Subsea Operations took place on Wednesday
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24.04 2019
“National Geographic Endurance” has left CRIST
National Geographic Endurance", a multi-functional, polar expedition ship with an innovative X-BOW hull, has left CRIST shipyard
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23.04 2019
CRIST is looking for volunteers to participate in training program for HULL ASSEMBLERS
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12.04 2019
NB 56 "Marco Polo" completes the construction of the last caisson
NB 56 "Marco Polo", a floating dock built by the CRIST shipyard for a French shipowner, completes the construction of the last caisson
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08.04 2019
CRIST with SOiO CONRADINUMS together for the benefit of shipbuilding industry
CRIST has signed an agreement with SOiO CONRADINUM regarding shipbuilding industry education
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29.03 2019
Octopus from CRIST has finished a highway around the Island of Réunion
4 full-size tennis courts unit, nearly 400 days of work and 6,800 tons of prefabricated steel used. Effect? A specialized jack-up barge that built the foundations for the highway around the island of Reunion, near Madagascar. The project that the uni
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18.02 2019
CRIST will build a partially equipped cable laying vessel
Steel cutting for the new vessel started on Monday
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31.01 2019
NB 313 on youtube
At the end of last year, CRIST completed the construction of a modern partly equipped unit for servicing offshore wind farms - NB 313
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07.01 2019
CRIST S.A. statement about alleged North Korean workers
Below we present our statement regarding the alleged employment of employees from North Korea by our company
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03.01 2019
Big bag of toys for children from the Dutkiewicz SAC Hospice in Gdańsk
Thanks to the support of the entire company, over 100 new toys have been collected
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12.12 2018
CRIST among the best Polish exporters to France
On December 10 at the Polish Embassy in Paris, CRIST has received an award for one of the best exporters to France.
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03.12 2018
NB 313 has left CRIST
CRIST has completed the construction of a partly equipped unit for servicing offshore wind farms NB 313
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23.11 2018
Video from the construction of NB 311 on Youtube
Nearly 16 months of construction shown in a few minutes movie
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05.11 2018
NB 311 has left CRIST
The ferry, 160 meters long and over 27 meters wide, will carry 2,000 passengers and 500 passenger vehicles on board.
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16.10 2018
CRIST awarded with "Bursztynowe Jajo"
Managing Director Bartłomiej Kopczewski received the award for the construction of the P310 Elektra ferry.
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04.10 2018
CRIST has an official Youtube channel
From now on movies about our constructions are going to be available on Youtube.
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14.09 2018
NB SC 75 has left CRIST
On Thursday 13.09, ship NB SC 75 left our shipyard.
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10.09 2018
Steel-cutting ceremony of the NB 315
CRIST S.A. initiated steel-cutting process of another partly equipped vessel for the Norwegian shipyard Ulstein Verft AS.
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29.08 2018
CRIST S.A. at the SMM Hamburg 2018
CRIST S.A. will take part in the trade fair SMM in Hamburg
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10.07 2018
CRIST will build a partly outfited, large cable laying vessel
A large Nexans Aurora cable rig with a DP3 dynamic positioning system, will be created from the design and consulting office Skipsteknisk z Alesund.
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11.06 2018
CRIST employees' children visited the shipyard
On Sunday over 300 children together with their parents took part in a party in our shipyard
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24.04 2018
"Elektra" with the ship of the year title
P 310 "Elektra" built entirely in our shipyard won the ship of the year title
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17.03 2018
Keel laying ceremony of the NB 312 „National Geographic Endurance”
The keel laying ceremony of NB 312 „National Geographic Endurance” took place on 17.03 in the CRIST shipyard.
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28.02 2018
Minister of Fisheries of Iceland visits CRIST S.A.
On Tuesday, on 02/27/2018. Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture Republic of Iceland - Tor Kristian Juliusson visited our shipyard
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08.01 2018
Passenger ship with X-BOW will be built at the CRIST shipyard
Crist S.A. begins production of polar passenger ship with an innovative X-BOW hull for a Norwegian shipowner
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19.12 2017
Merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2018 from CRIST S.A.
Best Wishes for a Marry Christmas and a prosperous New Year 2018 from Managment and Staff Members of CRIST S.A.
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10.11 2017
NB 308 has left CRIST
NB 308 is an offshore wind farm service ship ordered by Acta Marine Offshore Services at Ulstein Shipyard, which was partly built in our yard.
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27.09 2017
CRIST among the best Polish exporters to France
The awards ceremony took place on 26 September at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Paris.
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13.09 2017
CRIST at the Baltexpo 2017
Once again we had the opportunity to participate in BALTEXPO trades organized in AmberExpo Gdańsk
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21.08 2017
Trawler NB 396 has left CRIST
NB 396 "Kirkella" has left our yard on Wednesday. NB 396 is a fishing vessel designed to fish both bottom and pelagic trawls
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14.07 2017
Steel Cut Ceremony NB 311
Crist S.A. begins production work on the construction of a passenger-car ferry for a Norwegian shippowner - today the steel cuting ceremony was held
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02.06 2017
Christening ceremony P 310 ELEKTRA
The official ceremony of christening of the P310 Elektra in Turku
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16.05 2017
NB 70 - steel cutting
Crist S.A. started the production of a passenger-car ferry for an Icelandic shipowner - today the first steel cuting was made
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18.04 2017
Crist builds for STX
Crist will build blocks of two more than 300 meters cruise ships for STX France
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15.03 2017
NB SC 75/2 – New contract
CRIST will build a second fully equipped Life Fish Carrier for the Norwegian market
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01.03 2017
Crist founders awarded
Golden Oxer in our hands
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23.02 2017
Launching P310
February 17 Crist S.A. began testing P310 in dry dock
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19.01 2017
Crist SA will build a multi-purpose ferry for Iceland
Crist Shipyard SA signed an agreement with the Icelandic shipowner, for building a multi-purpose ferry
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18.10 2016
NB SC 75 - Newbuilding contract
CRIST will build a fully equipped unit type Life Fish Carrier for the Norwegian market.
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29.09 2016
Floating dock NB56 - start of construction
In the CRIST shipyard officially started the construction of a floating dock.
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28.06 2016
On 28th June 2016 was laying the keel on the vessel P310
On 28th June 2016 the keel laying for the vessel P310 took place.
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06.04 2016
Commencement of steel cutting - Project P310 / Finferries
On 6th April 2015 the steel plates cutting has commenced for the project P310 intended for Finferries.
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10.02 2016
CRIST become a member of NPCC
CRIST Shipyard joined the Norwegian-Polish Chamber of Commerce
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18.12 2015
Signature of the contract with Chantiers Piriou
Signature of the contract for building Polar Logistic Vessel
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29.10 2015
Signature of the contract with Finferries
Signature of the contract for building hybrid double-ended ferry for Finferries
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19.02 2015
Implementation of ISO 14001:2005
Today our company formally adopted an environmental policy
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